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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Orange County SEO is known for serving each of their clients with transparency and integrity. It is because we believe that our clients are our company’s treasure and we must give them something that would help them to succeed in their chosen niche. That is why we publish some following terms and conditions to provide you the highest level of satisfaction.


Orange County SEO receives from clients a royalty-free and non-exclusive license, which covers all applications of content as part of the work of the company with the website.


Clients will need to pay all the expenses that are not covered or included in the first agreement. Depending on the rates of the services we offer, you will oblige to pay everything on the contract.


The clients understand that Orange County SEO may collect some confidential information as part of the agreement when considering services. Our company agrees not to give or share information that is confidential to any parties as we know how important this to them. Also, our main goal is to protect and serve you the best.

Limited Liability

Orange County SEO will be liable for damages or any problems that may arise using the services that are connected to the contract. The clients expressly release Orange County SEO from all the responsibilities for losses that may result from service agreement as well as from all actions and claims.


Clients expressly warrant that they have the right to enter into the agreement and own all the intellectual property that is shared with Orange County SEO.

Default and Payments

When clients are more than 10 days late with any payment, Orange County SEO reserves the right in refusing services and to utilize any legal measures that are important in collecting debt.


The agreement will start on the day that it was signed and will end by either of the two parties. If clients choose to terminate the agreement without the completion of services, they are still responsible for paying the services provided or work performed. The expenses and additional costs are also part of the agreement. That is the reason why clients should keep in mind of this when making decisions.

Our terms and conditions statement is made by our management to ensure that our clients are satisfied or happy with our services offered. Through this page, clients will be able to know the things that they should take note.