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Privacy Policy

At Orange County SEO, we don’t just offer services that would help your business grow. We also make sure that you are browsing safely and securely at our website. That is why we created this page to let you know how we can offer you the best protection that each of our clients deserves.


Our site may also use cookies, which are designed to improve the user experience. Cookies were placed on the hard disk of the users by their web browsers for record-keeping purposes. Users must be also aware that cookies can also be used in tracking information regarding their internet activity. Cookies are also used to let our experts analyze the traffic that you’re giving us. Through this, we can be assured that you and our site is safe from any threats.

Users may also have the choice to refuse from cookies. We alert them whenever the cookies are sent. If they choose to refuse, some areas of our websites may not work properly.

Personal Information Protection

Orange County SEO takes precaution in protecting the user’s personal information against some issues such as theft, misuse, and loss. We, at our company, utilize security measures to guard against the unauthorized disclosure, access or alteration of your intellectual property and personal information.

We request our users to protect their personal information through entering their information only when needed or requested by our website. We’re not responsible for details provided to the 3rd party vendors or others who have requested data from users.

If the users leave the site of Orange County SEO, we are not responsible for using personal information on the 3rd party sites. Users must read our privacy policy statement of such websites to know how their personal information can be used.

International Users

Our company stands by the frameworks of safe harbor of the US Department of Commerce when it comes to the information being collected from our international clients.

Any Concerns?

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your rights as well as protections under this privacy policy page, you can contact us anytime. Our customer service representatives are always ready to help you as our main goal is to give you the highest level of satisfaction.

Checking this page every time you visit our website is also necessary as there are cases that we change or update our statements here to give your more convenience.